About you


At JM Wealth we service a variety of clients each with different aims and objectives. We believe every client should always receive the same level of service and that consistency of service is paramount.

Clients come to us to take advantage of a service which enables then to enjoy the other aspects of life knowing that their finances are taken care of.

JM wealth works closely with other professional services such as solicitors to give our clients a holistic service which can be gained from professional services working together to achieve a specific client goal.

Could JM Wealth assist you?


You could be a private client requiring a long term cash flow plan which could enable you to retire early or clarify if you have enough money to achieve many of your aspirations. 



Are you an elderly client who is worried about funding long term care?




You could be a business owner who would like to restructure your corporate pension or reduce your tax bill.




You might be wondering how you could plan effectively, enabling you to pass on all of your hard earned wealth to your family on death. 

Do you want to protect your family and your assets in case anything happens to you?


You may be looking to raise finance by using your property to help fund your retirement or gift money to your family whilst you are still alive.



Are you looking for the most competitive mortgage deal so more of your hard earned money can be spent on the things you enjoy?



JM Wealth can help you achieve these goals through good financial planning.

At JM Wealth we believe that without proper financial planning structured around you and your family, There is a danger that even with substantial assets and pensions, you might not obtain the lifestyle and satisfaction you deserve.

We believe we can assist you in answering the Big questions enabling you to make informed decisions allowing you to lead a life with the comfort of knowing your finances are in check.